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Electric installation work

Electrical work is one of the main and perhaps the most important stage of any construction. If the installation of electrical wiring or other elements of the electrical network was carried out incorrectly, this can cause voltage drops, equipment breakdown, and in some cases – and emergency situations or fires.

That is why electrical work must be trusted by professionals like us. All specialists of our company are experienced electricians who know everything about the installation of electrical network elements.

Why you should work with us
5 year warranty on all work
We fix the guarantee in the contract, we will always be in touch after electrical installation
We work under a contract
We fix the terms and cost, as well as the penalty for failure to meet deadlines
All masters with 5 and 6 category
Electricians with specialized education and Group V electrical safety approval
We save your time
We will take care of the purchase and delivery of materials
Daily photo report
We will constantly keep you informed of all stages of work in a convenient way.
Room cleaning
After installation work, we will clean the workplace and take out the garbage
Order electrical work
"turnkey" and get -15% discount

What is included in electrical work

Performing electrical work is a complex and multi-stage process. In addition, it is not always possible for users to determine what kind of work they need. In this case, our consultants will come to the rescue, who will help determine the list of tasks and estimate the estimate.

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Our company provides the following services:

  • Connection to the power grid of various types of power;
  • Installation or dismantling of electrical panels and electricity meters;
  • Installation or dismantling of transformers, chokes;
  • Shtroblenie walls for wiring;
  • Inspection of wiring for compliance with technical requirements and operational safety conditions;
  • Replacement or laying of electrical wiring;
  • Laying of cables, corrugations, metal hoses, cable ducts and other insulating elements;
  • Installation, dismantling or replacement of sockets and switches;
  • Assembly, connection or dismantling of chandeliers, sconces, lamps, checking their performance;
  • Installation or dismantling of various equipment, from doorbell to built-in electric heating systems or smart home systems;
  • Complete establishment of electrical communications for private houses, apartments, offices and industrial buildings;
  • Accompanying preparatory work;
  • Coordination of the work performed in the relevant authorities.

If you need electrical work in Moscow – contact us. We are ready to provide you with a full range of services.

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    Prices for electrical work
    in Moscow and the Moscow region.

    If you need to wire an electrician in an apartment, house, cottage or office, we will do it professionally.

    We will deliver and assemble the necessary materials from the best world manufacturers at affordable prices!

Stages of work

Depending on the tasks assigned to the electricians, the wiring process can differ significantly. However, in any case, the first stage of electrical work is design. If you wish, you can order this service separately.

When it comes to installation in apartment buildings, typical projects are more often used, but for private houses, offices, business centers, industrial buildings, an individual project must be developed.

Our specialists determine the range of works, their sequence and the elements necessary for this, make an estimate and calculate the terms of work. In any case, even if your order is not ordinary, we will find a way to implement it.

Electrical installation can include both a complete replacement of the wiring or laying a new one, as well as work with certain of its elements. In the second case, our masters check its technical condition and compliance with the requirements of operation. In the event that shortcomings or errors are found, it may be necessary to revise the project and replace weak points or completely dismantle the old wiring.

After that, all the tasks are completed. The masters test the result, if necessary, correct it. Only after that the completed work is handed over to the customer.

  • Free Electrician Departure!!!

    • We will draw up a full estimate for the work.
    • We will advise and provide a choice of the best manufacturers of materials for electrical work
    • Calculate the electrical load in accordance with the state standards
    • We will consult on technical and aesthetic issues
    Сall an electrician

Electrical installation in the Moscow region with our help is fast, reliable and profitable. We are always ready to meet customers halfway and are ready to carry out the most complex installation. Please contact us if you need help in performing electrical work – we guarantee a perfect result!