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Solar energy

Using solar energy to provide comfort in a home is a fairly popular practice today. Solar panels are no longer a luxury item. On the contrary, their installation allows you to significantly save on utility bills, while maintaining your budget. In addition, such a move also helps to preserve the environment, which speaks only in favor of solar energy.

Benefits of solar panels

It is worth describing a little the main advantages of using solar energy to understand why it should be chosen.

First of all, solar energy is a renewable resource, which means that we are not threatened with its depletion. This is an extremely important factor today that speaks in favor of technology.
Reducing your personal expenses. The solar module can cover part or all of your electricity needs. It depends on its size, the number of installed modules and resource consumption. In any case, the use of panels will reduce or completely eliminate government energy costs.
Is there a surplus of unused energy left? You can sell it to the state and make money from it. Let them be few, but this is not an extra income at all.
Simplicity and low cost of maintenance is another nice item on this list. In fact, it is enough to periodically clean the panels themselves and monitor the health of the rest of the system elements.
The active development of technologies suggests that very soon the future will come when solar panels in Moscow and around the world will become as commonplace in the house as ordinary wired electricity.

The disadvantages of the installation are often attributed to the high cost. But here it is worth noting that the panels pay off very quickly due to the savings that we talked about above and the ability to sell energy to the state.


By the way, do not think that since the panel is solar, then it works only from direct sunlight. Such batteries receive energy during daylight hours, and the intensity of the sun affects only the power of their work.

A complex approach

We offer the best solutions for installing solar panels for your home or apartment. From counting the required number of panels to direct installation – our specialists perform all stages of work at the highest level. Preparation for installation and direct installation takes place in several stages.

First of all, the installation plan is being worked out. When installing on the roof of a house, we need to assess its location in order to obtain such parameters as shading, the possibility of easy access to the panels, the ability to install the necessary fasteners. For installation on the site, we select the most open area without a shadow.
The next step is to install mounts or stands for panels. These can be profiles, metal racks (trusses) or other types, depending on the possibilities of the place.
Next, we install the panels directly, strictly observing the angle of inclination, which was selected at the first stage.
Finally, the panels are connected directly to the batteries and the generator, which in turn is fed to the house.

Once completed, solar panels begin collecting and converting energy into electricity. We, in turn, also provide you with a high-quality service for the maintenance and repair of the installed equipment.

Turning to us, you get not only fast and high-quality performance of work. The price of solar modules in the Moscow region will delight you. We do our best to make our clients comfortable and profitable to work with us.