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Retro-style interior is actively gaining more and more popularity. From interior items, to shades of paint, choice of materials and other nuances – this design has a huge space for creativity. For those who strive to maintain the appearance of retro in every detail, the popular service today is an antique electrician.


It is a vintage plug-in device that is not only functional, but also aesthetic. Beautifully designed twisted cables add zest to the interior of the room, transferring their appearance to the past or evoking thoughts of steampunk. Be that as it may, retro electrics are becoming more and more in demand among the customers of electrical companies.

How retro wiring works

In fact, wires for a semi-antique electrical system for a house do not differ from ordinary ones inside. The differences are of a decorative nature, since such wiring is not installed inside the walls, but on top of them. For such wires, an additional top layer of insulation is made of silk, which is pre-impregnated with a special non-combustible compound. Thanks to this, it is easy to choose the color of the wires that will fit into the overall interior of the room. The most commonly used painting is bronze or copper, but other options are possible.


Copper cores of different cross-sections are hidden inside the wires. It should be noted that they have an increased level of protection and are covered with an additional inner layer of insulation.


The retro electrical system also includes porcelain insulators, designer outlets and switches, and junction boxes. Thanks to this, the whole system looks harmonious and corresponds to the retro spirit.

Installation and its features

On the one hand, the installation of retro wiring in the house cannot be called a difficult task. Here you do not need to groove walls or install special equipment for wiring. It is all laid on top of the walls, and almost on top of the final finish. But at the same time, it is important to understand how to properly arrange insulators and how to work with wires in unusual insulation in order to maintain a retro aesthetic.


As with any other wiring, the first step is to design a wiring installation project. Routes of wires, places for sockets, switches, boxes are marked. Then the first porcelain insulators-rollers are installed along the routes. It is important to place them at the same distance from each other. It is about 50-55 cm apart.


Next, sockets, boxes and switches are mounted. Last of all, the wiring is pulled directly between the insulators. The peculiarity of creating a retro style is that the wires develop among themselves in the manner of a bundle, creating a very aesthetic twisted pair.


When ordering a semi-antique electrician service from us in Moscow or the Moscow region, you get comfortable cooperation with professionals who know how to work with standard and atypical wire placement schemes. We work both with stone, brick or reinforced concrete houses, as well as with wooden or combined cottages.